Video sound continues after webpage is closed

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced? a video from you tube/ or any website
2. Close website page continues to play sound. Even if you switch to a regular browser page. The only way to stop is to turn off phone and restart

*Expected result: what is causing this glitch? Security issue or Brave issue?
Brave version: Version 1.45.1 (
Ios : iPhone 10
Version: 16.1.1

@TheG This is because of having the setting for Enable Background Audio turned on. What happens is as it plays, it’s kind of doing it through the background in notification center, kind of like you see here.

If you close all tabs, it will stop. If you don’t want it to play in the background, then disable that setting. You also can pull down to see notifications and you’ll have the control function, such as you see in the screenshot below where you can pause it, at which point it will stop until you play it again or you close all tabs.

The setting for Enable Background Audio is just in you normal Settings. Click the hamburger menu → Settings → Change the toggle next to Enable Background Audio.

Disabling the setting won’t close the existing audio playing. You also should notice it stops playing if you leave Brave (unless you go to settings and hit Play) or if you exit the app completely. (though it can come back up and start playing the next time you open Brave if you do it this way)

But if you don’t like it doing that, you can disable it and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

It is turned off and has been so

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