Video Editor Site Not Working Properly on Brave Tor Browser

Hello everyone,

I’m having some major issues with my video editing website I frequently use, and it seems to be specifically related to the Brave Tor browser.

Whenever I try to access this website through the Brave Tor browser, several key features and functionalities simply don’t work correctly. For example:

  1. The video upload process gets stuck or fails midway through uploading large files.
  2. Some of the editing tools and filters don’t load or respond when trying to apply them to videos.
  3. The video preview and playback are extremely laggy and choppy, making it difficult to review my edits.

However, when I access the same website through regular browsers like Chrome or Firefox, everything works smoothly without any issues.

I’ve tried clearing my cache, disabling extensions, and adjusting the Brave Tor settings, but nothing seems to resolve the problem. I even reached out to the website’s support team, and they confirmed that their platform is compatible with the Brave Tor browser and should function normally.

I’m starting to wonder if there are inherent conflicts or limitations when trying to use resource-intensive web applications like video editors through the Tor network and the Brave Tor browser’s specific configurations.

Has anyone else encountered similar problems when trying to use video editing platforms or other resource-heavy websites through the Brave Tor browser? If so, were you able to find a solution or workaround?

I really appreciate the privacy and security features of the Brave Tor browser, but it’s becoming increasingly frustrating not being able to fully utilize certain websites and web applications. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Thank you!