Vertical Tabs - Width and New Tab Button

With the new ability to have vertical tabs, we could also use the ability to resize the width of the tab strip. With wide screen monitors and high resolutions, having the tabs on the side makes a lot of sense. With high resolution monitors, we have plenty of room to display webpages as well as other information now.

It would be nice if we could change the size of the tabstrip in order to show more (or less) of the website titles.

Another thing that would be nice, is moving the “New Tab” button to the top of the tab strip, preferably next to the “Minimize Tabs” button.

This was already implemented two weeks ago.

People should start installing Nightly or go to Brave GitHub and search first if a feature or improvement was already implemented in Brave.

Stable is pretty delayed in updates, 2 months or more, so that’s why people have to understand basing their feature request in Stable is a problem, but since Brave is fully open source is not hard to find something first without installing Nightly.


Since I have used Edge and Brave, I can say that Brave’s Vertical Tabs are an improvement over what Edge did. Brave built this layout of Vertical Tabs more than 6 months ago, and it is fine, people should just understand UX, and how Brave Vertical Tab’s UX is superior to Edge.

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Thanks for the update, I’m glad to see that this was implemented. However, there is a reason there are different branches.

Stable just updated, we got a “What’s New” tab, that feature was there, without this added functionality. There shouldn’t be an expectation that we install a different version, or have time to keep up with non-stable branches.

Also, this was my first post here as I just created the account (been using Brave for a couple years now). Thanks for the warm welcome to the community…