Vertical Tabs Scrollbar?

It appears, at least for me, that on macOS there is no scrollbar for the vertical tabs feature. I really like this feature, but I find it easy to get lost when I have a lot of tabs open simply because there is no scrollbar to indicate my position. By contrast, there is a scrollbar which appears automatically when I scroll in the Tree Style Tab extension for Firefox, which provides a very similar functionality. This scrollbar helps me keep track of where I am in the tabs and keeps me from losing my place. The way it’s implemented there is ideally what I’d like to see implemented in Brave.

Currently, I don’t see any scrollbar at all when I use Brave, whether I’m using an Apple trackpad or a traditional mouse. It doesn’t seem to show up at all no matter what type of mouse I’m using, so I assume that a scrollbar for vertical tabs simply hasn’t been implemented yet, and cannot find anything about it by searching the forum or Github issue tracker.

Any upadate on this? Is there a scroll bar for vertical tabs? Can’t find one if there is

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@dnpo Unfortunately, none that I know of yet. I’ve been waiting with each new Brave release, hoping that someone would finally implement this basic functionality, but so far I’ve been disappointed. It’s pretty frustrating to deal with when you have a lot of tabs open (which I often do).

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