Vertical tabs minor glitches and suggestions

Tried vertical tabs (on Windows 10). Here is some feedback.

  1. There is a grey bar with black line on the right side of vertical tabs pane. When the pane is collapsed, it looks wrong, almost covers the icons.
  2. The opacity of text on vertical tabs is not good enough, it is hard to read. Also no visual seperator between the tabs.
  3. The tooltip on hover appears way to the right of the screen, making it useless. Put it on the right of the tabs pane?
  4. When hovering on vertical tabs for the first time, the text jumps back a couple pixels. I had that happen on normal tabs too but for vertical ones it’s everytime you switch to them.


  1. System keybind for opening/closing tabpane
  2. Option for tabpane on the right side
  3. X button on tabs
  4. Search bar on top of the pane makes sense

Otherwise a great feature, keep it up! :slight_smile: