Vertical tabs - allow right (or left) side

I love the vertical tabs feature. I would appreciate the option to move the vertical tab bar to the right side of the window.


Totally agree. The vertical tab is on the right will be very convenient. I hope they will make this function. Really appriciate.

Would love this, and adding to it I would love if you could customize it in each instance of the browser like I have a widescreen monitor and often have 2 browser open split in the middle of the screen, and since I use vertical desktops those 2 browsers will live on that virtual desktop for days so I would like to “drag” the vertical tabs to the right side on one of the browser instances to avoid that big fat line in the middle of the screen.

Tried vertical tab again, but still can’t choose to have left in one window and right in another, so completly useless if you have 2 windows side by side and get a big fat tab list in the center of the screen instead of nicely tucked away to the left and right of the screen. How hard can it be…I mean you can do it globally…just put a little local switch somewhere. come on, make this feature useful for people with larger monitors.
And whats up with the ugly white line breaking the dark theme ?!?

This feature is already implemented in Nightly builds and is riding the rails into production soon:

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