Vertical tabs are missing the close 'X' button in Windows Desktop

Description of the issue: The close current tab option ‘X’ visible on a horizontal tab is missing when switching to vertical tab on Windows 11 desktop
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Switch to vertical tab and try to close an open tab. No option to click to close

Expected result:
‘X’ option available to the right of the tab like it is when showing the tabs horizontally.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.52.117

If you have your tabs collapsed then only the active tab will have the close button.
If it is expanded and you don’t see it, well, it would be a bug, but it would be only on your side, because nobody else has said anything about it.
But Nightly Vertical tabs don’t have this issue which means even if it was a general bug in VT for Stable, it will get updated someday and then fixed accordingly.

Nightly has added many features and fixes bugs and all that which probably or definitely haven’t hit Stable, so only because it was released to Stable as default (= good enough), doesn’t mean they are still not working on it, but all the updates will always hit Nightly first, and then Beta and then Stable after weeks, if it is a serious bug, it will hit to Nightly and then Beta and Stable at the same time, but I doubt it is a big bug and it is just the way VT was implemented by Brave when VT is collapsed for the lack of space, which obviously Horizontal or Expanded VT have.

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@anon57438784 great reply here.
That said, on my end using Brave stable (v1.52.117) I do see the x button on both the active tab and when I hover over any of them:
(active tab)

(while hovering)

You do not see these icons when vertical tabs are enabled?

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Same issue for me
Version 1.53.94

@fr45er @wddot,
Can you both please create new profiles and tell me if you get the same results?

Also to confirm, the tabs in question here are not being pinned are they?

Same results with new profiles. Confirmed no extensions are present.

I have no pinning on tabs.

I have the same problem intermittently. Neither starting and restarting the browser nor rebooting Windows will fix the problem. Then all of a sudden I will wake the computer and the close buttons are gone.

Same issue for me on Windows 11. I will note however I do not have this issue on my Linux systems (OpenSUSE using KDE).

Same problem here (since installing Windows 11)


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