Vertical Tab - Show Last used tab first

I am writing to address an issue that I’ve encountered with the latest Brave browser update where vertical tabs have been enabled. Although I appreciate the new layout and the potential it offers for managing multiple tabs, I’ve noticed a challenge related to tab order that impacts productivity and user experience.

In the current implementation, my most recently used tab appears at the bottom of the list, while older tabs are displayed at the top. This ordering requires additional navigation and effort to access the most recently used tabs, especially when working with many tabs simultaneously.

As most users tend to switch between their most recently used tabs frequently, it would be significantly more efficient if these tabs were easily accessible. As such, I propose the introduction of an option allowing users to customize the display order of their tabs.

The feature could allow users to choose whether to display their most recently used tabs at the top of the list, rather than the default order which seems to favor older tabs. This would streamline the process of tab switching and minimize the need to consistently look at the bottom left corner of the screen, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

In the present setup, I often find myself needing to scroll down to switch tabs, which becomes time-consuming and frustrating over time, reducing the overall productivity.

I believe that this small adjustment could significantly improve the user experience for those of us who handle multiple tabs at once in the Brave browser.

Thank you for considering this request.