Pinned vertical tabs

Hi there!

I absolutely love the new vertical tabs feature. I feel it makes much better use of my screen space. I’m also a person that has a ton of tabs -mostly for research and keeping documentation at hand- open. The vertical tabs feature makes my 128436527 open tabs way easier to navigate.

Only thing I’d wish -see it as an improvement- would be that pinned tabs in the vertical tabs view wouldn’t scroll with the list. In other words, I’d love to have my pinned tabs always shown at the top of the list. In CSS this would be achieved with sticky positioning, if that makes it a bit clearer.

I’m curious to see what people think about this. Thanks!

Hi @Flint1477,
which version of Brave do you use? I am currently running Nightly version 1.59.53 and my pinned tabs in vertical tab mode stay on top, only the non-pinned tabs are being scrolled…
Best regards!

You’re 100% right, of course. Completely forgot to restart brave after the update.

Forget everything I asked!