Tabs ordering and overview messed up since about a month ago

since about a month ago after an update (presumably, because I touched no setting) the tabs in my Android smartphone’s Brave browser have become the following:

  1. They are all displayed in smaller boxes, 2x6 at a time on the whole screen.
  2. The tabs are messed up and disorganized in terms of the presentation: When I slide on the address or the buttons bar to go to the next or the previous neghbouring tab, the tab Brave switches to is not the next or the previous neghboiring tab, but the tab previous or next in terms of the tab lifecycle, meaning that the previous tab is the one which was created before that tab I’m switching from, and that the next is the tab which was created after that tab.
    So even though visually I see the tabs displayed in an organized fashion, the way they are stored in the array holding them has somehow had its ordering changed.

That is not what I want. How do I change it to how it was? I didn’t do anything and these changes happened. I don’t want my tabs to be displyed like smaller boxes, I want them to be displayed like they always have been, large cards atop of each other. Perhaps I would try having the new look if it worked as I think it should.

This is how my browser tabs are currently presented to me and it is what I want to change(fix):

The way I’ve desceibed the ordering on the screenshot above is technically incorrect. I’ve just tested it and it works a bit differently but I don’t think that I need to technically accurately describe this because I believe my point got across;
It doesn’t work as it should (as it did).

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.36.122, Chromium 99.0.4844.88

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Duplicate issue. This is known and being addressed — please see our Github issue for this here: