Version 1.64.609 only shows a white video when playing youtube

Description of the issue: Brave only shows a white video in the video area in Youtube. All other parts of Youtube are working, audio plays, the time line scan thumbnail displays properly, just a white video plays
**How can this issue be reproduced? Open Youtube in either your own account or anonymously. Select a video.

Expected result: The video should be viewable

Brave Version: 1.64.609

Additional Information: OS is Linux

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Me too. Yesterday I updated it and today white screen firts time on my life. The strange thing is that only on one channel I can see the videos normally, but all the others have white screen.
I instal Brave nightly and white screen too!!

But I could see a tutorial video about this error. So weird error.
On chrome and youtube app not problem at all, on my huawei android. But I hate ads and I play on background, which I cant with the formers Cia apps.

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Same problem.
OS is Linux, Debian Bookworm (upgraded from Debian Bullseye with no effect on this issue).
I wish I could find a former release of Brave browser, version 1.63.174 that used to work fine, but it is unavailable!

Hellooolll, Brave, anyone heeeeere??? I cant watch videos, Uuujuuu hay alguien aqui?

I’m using Debian 12 and I’m having this problem. I looked on the internet for a solution, but I didn’t find it. The solution was to downgrade Brave to version 1.63.174. I use apt for this:

1 - Close all Brave tabs and open a terminal.
2 - Type: sudo apt install brave-browser=1.63.174
3 - Confirm that you want to do the downgrade and wait for the installation to complete.

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I’ve just updated to Brave 1.64.116 and the issue seems to be solved. I’ll keep testing just to be sure.

Thank you. I’ve just updated as well and can confirm that the video issues are fixed.

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