V0.23.73 for laptop has been released!

Brave Browser v0.23.73 has been released.


Release Notes:

  • Fixed extension popups appearing transparent on first click after Brave restart. (#13633)
  • Fixed Tor process not terminating when Brave crashes on macOS. (#14636)
  • Fixed Tor crash when opening a link summary embedded in a tweet on Twitter. (#14392)
  • Fixed file access bug. (#14642)
  • Fixed minimum browsing activity message in Payments being retained even after minimum criteria has been met. (#14767)
  • Fixed “Save As” dialog still appearing after disabling “Always ask me where to save files” (#14625)
  • Fixed URLs ending with .pdf causes Brave to ignore Content-Type and fails to load the document. (#10554)
  • Changed crossOrigin policy to anonymous when fetching favicons (#14742)
  • Optimized startup time by removing referral promo check at initial startup. (#14615)
  • Upgraded to muon to 8.0.3. (#14885)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 68.0.3440.75. (#14886)

Full changelog: