V0.23.39 for laptop has been released!

Brave Browser v0.23.39 has been released.


Release Notes:

  • Added keyboard shortcut for Tor Private Tab. (#14504)
  • Fixed potential Tor bypass by file:// URLs. (#14664)
  • Fixed potential Tor bypass while loading Favicons. (#14641)
  • Fixed CSS and font resources being shown in blocked scripts list in shields. (#14582)
  • Fixed bookmark scrolling when populated beyond initial display boundry. (#14606)
  • Fixed Tor control socket error when network is disconnected. (#14630)
  • Fixed being able to load bookmarks in Tor Tab before Tor finishes loading. (#14680)
  • Fixed search icons in URL bar should be a local resource. (#14653)
  • Fixed right click context menu not working after switching tabs. (#14643)
  • Optimized startup time by removing UGP promo check at initial startup. (#14616)
  • Upgraded localization files. (#14580)
  • Upgraded to Tor (#14695)
  • Upgraded to muon 7.1.6. (#14719)

Full changelog: