V0.23.104 for desktop has been released!

Brave Browser v0.23.104 has been released.


Release Notes:

  • Added support for window.prompt. (#94)
  • Fixed loading of chrome://brave URLs. (#15074)
  • Fixed certain promotional tabs not appearing right after startup. (#15067)
  • Fixed chrome:// new tab issue. (#15045)
  • Fixed security issue with brave://. (#14967)
  • Fixed publisher data file not being removed when wallet is deleted using preferences. (#14758)
  • Fixed permission prompt with window.open. (#14681)
  • Fixed visited links not being reset when closing Brave. (#14667)
  • Fixed issues where file can be opened in new tab. (#14522)
  • Fixed downloads not working when right clicking and opening in new tab. (#14409)
  • Fixed issue where cookie is unintentionally sent. (#14250)
  • Fixed URL-like strings can cause empty autocomplete results. (#13718)
  • Fixed Flash permission notification being displayed when clicking the Adobe test page via search results. (#13500)
  • Upgraded to muon 8.0.8. (#15018)

Full changelog:


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