V0.22.721 for laptop has been released!

Brave Browser v0.22.721 has been released.


Release notes:

  • Fixed partner subscription page no longer active tab on initial launch. (#14220)
  • Fixed tabs opened via links with target attribute not always rendering. (#14159)
  • Fixed fingerprinting protection breaks the Uphold verification process. (#14152)
  • Fixed toggling shields breaks the security indicator on URLs that include a hash. (#14231)
  • Fixed opening extension background pages from the URL bar causes Brave to crash. (#14079)
  • Fixed tabs becoming unresponsive when detaching into separate window. (#14031)
  • Fixed disabling TorrentViewer doesn’t disable torrent handling. (#10767)
  • Upgraded to muon 6.0.12. (#14154)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 66.0.3359.170. (#14125)

Full changelog:


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