V0.23.19 for laptop has been released!


Brave Browser v0.23.19 has been released.


Release notes:

  • Added Tor support for Private Browsing. (#1185)
  • Added new icons and styling refinements into the toolbar UI. (#13981)
  • Added EasyPrivacy tracking list and ad-block performance improvements. (#14476)
  • Added progress indicator when recovering wallet under Brave Payments. (#11790)
  • Added confirmation modal when removing publishers from the Brave Payments table. (#11164)
  • Added keyboard shortcut for toggling Bookmarks Toolbar. (#12594)
  • Added transition animation when tabs change size. (#7001)
  • Fixed videos not being played under Facebook. (#14358)
  • Fixed Google Docs never loading files with Brave Shields enabled. (#11778)
  • Fixed homograph attack using “/@”. (#13214)
  • Fixed webkitRelativePath may expose OS username. (#10666)
  • Fixed verification icon not being displayed for verified YouTube publishers under Brave Payments. (#14351)
  • Fixed download bar cannot be closed when an active download is in progress. (#11923)
  • Fixed context menu search items not using DuckDuckGo if private tab search engine is set as DuckDuckGo. (#14530)
  • Fixed tabs not loading content when opening specific links using “CMD/CTRL + Click”. (#14405)
  • Fixed several crashes on launch for some users who have Brave Payments enabled. (#14370)
  • Fixed contribution statement values differ from actual contribution amount. (#14319)
  • Fixed Widevine notification appearing under normal tabs when visiting Netflix in a private tab. (#14227)
  • Fixed several issues with copy and paste. (#14197)
  • Fixed clickable area for “What do these policies mean?” under the security preferences. (#14059)
  • Fixed clickable area for “Terms of Services” under Brave Payments. (#12137)
  • Fixed referer blocking based on eTLD+1 instead of full origin. (#13779)
  • Fixed pinned and unpinned publishers not being aligned properly under Brave Payments. (#13024)
  • Fixed YouTube ad-containers not being removed from the page when ads have been blocked. (#12845)
  • Fixed adding decimal value to pinned publishers under Brave Payments causes publishers to unpin. (#12001)
  • Fixed pinning publishers should automatically toggle “include” to enabled. (#11905)
  • Fixed being unable to give devices an optional name when syncing a new device. (#11653)
  • Fixed returning to the “recover” modal when recovering fails. (#11422)
  • Fixed Brave Payments history dates are not sorted in descending order. (#11300)
  • Fixed access denied error when installing Brave through RPM repository. (#10894)
  • Fixed private tab in its own window causes window to become unresponsive on relaunch. (#10768)
  • Fixed URL border radius issue when viewing torrent URLs. (#10692)
  • Fixed missing translations for bookmark list. (#10105)
  • Fixed bookmarking top tiles not displaying favicon. (#9568)
  • Fixed Flash enable switch not being greyed out when Flash isn’t installed. (#7634)
  • Fixed changing languages via preferences should always display the restart notification. (#6750)
  • Replaced Fanboy’s Swedish regional Adblock filter with Frellwit’s filter. (#13092)
  • Improved Swedish localization by updating several strings. (#11298)

Full changelog:


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