Using as default search engine in incognito

I’d like to know if there will ever be a way to change the default search engine for browsing in incognito mode. I recently tried and the results are similar to google’s but without tracking us, so I wanted to replace duckduckgo as the default search engine.

Go to browser settings and navigate to “Search engine”. There should be a “search engine used in the address bar” field. I don’t remember if is immediately offered in the drop down menu or not, but in the case that it isn’t, click on “manage search engines” and add it there manually.

Almost the same thing on mobile. If startpage isn’t in the private tab search engines list, visit it a few times and it should show up in the “recently visited” field so you should be able to select it.

I’ve been using startpage on and off incognito normally ever since I switched to Brave, both on desktop and mobile, so I think it already is listed as an option on all of the lists.

that applies to both normal and incognito mode but I am looking for something different. Is there any way to change it only for incognito mode (replacing duckduckgo) while leaving google as the default for normal searches?

On Android this is already possible, but I guess you are using a desktop version?

Brave seems to be working on an option:

For now, I think your only options are to either use one search engine for both modes, or to use the :sp shortcut before your search term, to switch to Startpage temporarily.

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Thank you, I’ll use the shortcut for now, hope they separate the search engines in the future

On my netbook I could add a custom search engine to Brave Browser, I choose EcoSia because they plant a tree for every search! I do not see any option to add personally preferred search engine options on the Brave app yet, and I would Love to add EcoSia on my “phone” brave browser too.

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