Using Memory Saver with an existing tab manager extension

I’ve been seeing prompts that recommend using Brave’s ‘Memory Saver’ feature.

Is Memory Saver likely to be useful even if I’m already using a tab manager extension that ‘sleeps’ inactive tabs?

The extension does include an option to ‘suspend all tabs’, so I could activate that and use Memory Saver to see what performance difference that may make. However, I don’t know whether just doing that (‘suspend all tabs’) would eliminate all possible conflicts between Memory Saver and the extension.


Hard to say for sure.

My guess would be that enabling Memory Saver, and using an extension which does this, would not be problematic in any real way.

The less extensions the better, less memory, less cpu resources


@fanboynz The extension provides numerous options, including user control of tab suspension.

My understanding of Brave’s Memory Saver is that it only does one thing – i.e., suspends tabs based on a single system setting that triggers suspension after non-use of a tab for a certain period of time, and otherwise provides only a single option (an exclusion list).

Since it doesn’t appear to be stated anywhere, do you know after what amount of time passes without a tab being accessed Memory Saver suspends the tab?

Just note, its not a Brave specific feature, was lifted from Chromium

It won’t every functionality of a third-party extension, but does enough to help with system resources without installing yet another extension

@fanboynz Thanks, I’ve since become aware from the extension’s usage notes it actually offers (and recommends) the option of using Chrome’s ‘tab discarding’ along with it. (So I’ll compare all three options: extension only, Brave’s Memory Saver only, and both together.)

“Apply Chrome’s built-in memory-saving when suspending”

@fanboynz So far, with both Brave’s ‘Memory Saver’ and my tab management extension active, I am not noticing any difference in performance.

However, whether coincidental or due to the dual usage, I am seeing lower ‘swap’ figures in Activity Monitor, which (if attributable to Memory Saver) is benefit enough.

Haven’t yet tried disabling the extension and using only Memory Saver.

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