HELP - Brave Memory Saver is not suspending all my tabs

Hi everyone I have brave memory saver turned on however it is not doing anything to 95% of my tabs, only some tabs are being suspended. If I hover over one of the few memory saver tabs it states inactive tab 80mb freed up.

However all other tabs like Youtube, or any other website is not inactive even if I leave them alone for a whole day or 2. What am I doing wrong here?. Sometimes when I open another separate window because I have allot of tabs open and then that window becomes filled with many tabs, none of them suspend / turn off with memory saver and are all still active.

Encase anyone asks why I have so many tabs, I am a researcher and lecturer, so I always have to have like 50 tabs open and cycle between them when writing my journals.

  1. I have the latest version of Brave Browser installed, with memory saver turned on

  2. I have set the timer to free up memory based on tab inactivity (5 minutes)

  3. I have brave running with 3-4GB+ of ram usage with 50 tabs.

Only some tabs are being suspended and having the memory, the rest of the tabs never free up memory even for 2 days without touching them.

I have attached images showing only some tabs are suspended
also my brave memory saver settings
and also brave://flags/ settings

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