How does Memory Saver work?

I’m looking to know if the Memory Saver dumps the inactive tabs or does it store in disk cache? I’m on Macbook Pro 14 and the ssd is not removable so if this means that Brave will now start using much more swap then I’d prefer not to use it. On the other hand if it means that it will dump the website and reload it when I come back to it, I’d much rather live with the a bit higher bandwidth usage in order to preserve my SSD.

Comes upstream in Chromium;

The feature is off by default, but can be enabled within Settings (where you may also specify a list of domains which should be treated as nondiscardable).

Once enabled, Memory Saver operates much in the same way as if you were to navigate away from a page. All of the non-persisted data associated with the tab (e.g. the state of the web-app, the DOM, etc.) is discarded. Persistent data (e.g. cookies, local storage) are associated with the domain itself, and are therefore not discarded.

The tab itself will remain, and will reload the next time it is visited.

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