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Hello ; using :point_right:chrome: // flags :point_left:, I passed BRAVE ANDROID in dark mode, and you can see with the screenshots that it works “not too bad, except for some negative photos”. But could developers ask to change the color of the “saved time”? Thank you.!



How did you manage to activate night mode in Brave Android ?? Please I want to have this!

Should be relizar activating a special flag?

Maybe this?

After relaunch:


Ok! I made it! thanks for your help! I noticed that it has some flaws but in general it performs very well! .

Now I can only solve the problem that I can not activate the notifications of websites and with that resolved I think Brave will be my ideal browser !.

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After trying it for a few hours, I notice that it does not do a good job many times! So I turned off the switch and to my surprise it keeps showing me the pages in dark mode

I tried restarting the application, I tried to stop it and run again and I had no luck. The darn dark way is still there.

Disable both flags that is all that is required

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Thanks for your help, effectively that way I managed to solve it. Regards!

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Indeed, this is not perfect for all sites, but until the dark mode “100% BRAVE” this “DIY” can help rest your :eyes:. Seriously: take care of your eyes, eye fatigue due to white screens and blue light is not a joke.


I discovered that the Android UI dark mode has to be at Default in order that the pictures do not look like negatives.

So far, so good.

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