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@eecos It seems this workaround no longer works. Even after enabling the “Temporarily unexpire M116 flags” and “Temporarily unexpire M117 flags”


Yes! What’s up with that? What’s the fking point of using dark UI in Brave, if the entire webpage content is scintillating white? This is such a sh!tty move from Brave.
Devs, if you are reading this. Pls bring back this toggle. Or at least unexpire the v115 flag which enables this toggle.

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I tried downgrading to versions 1.59.116 and 1.59.113 of Brave but the “Unexpire v115 flags” flag is gone for good. This sucks. I have to switch to some other browser now. Does anyone know a browser which has Dark web content?

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Firefox with the extension auto dark mode.
Edge beta

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It’s a shame that this flag has been removed. It was really helpful. Maybe brave can reimplement this from chromium?

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@nachocab Yep. It seems the M115 flags are expired, and we’re back to current default settings.

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Thanks. I am now moving to Firefox. Might thing about returning to Brave if this flag ever comes back.

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No, it is not. Just read your own message and try to comprehend the amount of work required to implement that in lots of websites. Complaining has a possibility that the flag might become available again. Complying will result in nothing. Anyway, you sound so toxic that I’m not going to get involved any further.

To anyone else reading this thread, the flag has returned in Chrome beta v119. So I hope Brave developers bring it back as well. Till then I’m going to be using Firefox on both my mobile and PC.


lol… so? it doesn’t change the point.
I gave a solution, that people could have used when the flag expired, today and tomorrow and in 125 if the flag gets removed again, That’s why I said ‘maybe it will not come back’ because it is still a flag, and it can go either way, removed or extended or added as stable feature.
I have given the same solution for years in the forum, no reason to need a button and all that.
Also, I gave the tip about changing the Default dark mode to CIELAB, so images don’t get inverted = less reasons to disable dark mode per website.

I like using the adblocker and I am not lazy about adding a line of adblock custom rule and keep updating the domains when necessay.

So my point still stands, and I don’t see a problem.
I actually just went to check Chromium’s source code and the chrome/browser/flag-metadata.json and saw the flag got extended until 125, file that mentions the flag, and I saw it was extended until Chromium 125.
Why didn’t the OP checked to see Chromium source? it was actually extended in September 20th, a month ago. So yeah… no reason for this post at all, in whatever way you see it.

And obviously it will appear in 119… Brave doesn’t remove flags, unless they cause too many problems with the Browser, like they did with Chrome Refresh 2023, Brave had to remove it because some smarties kept enabling and then complaining it wasn’t perfect and how it was crashing the browser, and how Brave had to ‘improve it’… I mean, I guess they didn’t get the memo that Chrome is not Brave, and Brave while uses Chromium native UI, is still different. So yes, some flags get removed, but this one will not… Brave gets upstream changes and keep them 99% of the time, unless they are bad for privacy or crashes the browser.

I mean, the flag will get re-added hurray? yet, there was no reason to complain about the lack of the flag, when the adblocker still remove auto dark mode from pages easily.
Your solution still won’t work, today, Nightly hasn’t even gotten the Chromium 119 update, so stable should get it like in 3 weeks? so 3 weeks of more complaining about the lack of the flag? or are people going to do something about it? that was the point of my comment, but I know people are lazy and won’t do it, if people cared, they would probably want to be more interested in all the adblocker can do besides blocking network request and hiding HTML elements with cosmetics, but I guess it is easier to not do anything… not even check the flags json file.
But congratulations for your comment and your ‘solution’ :+1:

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