iOS passwords?!?!?

So let me get this straight: you think everyone should switch to Brave Browser for iOS. Safest, most secure, all that. You market the browser as being the best for privacy.

But- where are the passwords for iOS stored? A post from over a year ago said you were “days away” from a completely rebuilt iOS app that stored passwords in the iOS keychain.

Over a year ago.

Now, Brave can pull passwords from keychain, but passwords changed or created in Brave go… who knows? Still in the encrypted file that no one can access or view the passwords there, I guess?

They autofill just fine on Brave iOS, but we users have no way to access them. And since Brave sync is broken and it doesn’t sync passwords anyway, what happens if we need the password on another browser on the iOS device? On our MacBooks?

Basically, the random new/changed password created in the Brave iOS browser is useless anywhere outside of your browser.

This is a login screen for a site I changed the password to in Brave iOS last week. The hidden characters are the NEW password, stored SOMEWHERE in Brave iOS. Hitting enter logs in just fine.

However, this password is not stored ANYWHERE in iOS passwords settings. There is no mention of the site AT ALL in passwords & accounts.

So where the h*ll is Brave storing my data?

How is that good for anyone? That the only way they can access their online banking is your browser on one device?

Storing someone’s private passwords in a secure encrypted file that can only be accessed by your browser is ANYTHING BUT secure.

And I believe it violates the terms of the Apple App Store.

I’m filing a complaint right this minute and reaching out to friends with Apple to request ALL of you apps be yanked from the stores, immediately.

Just like most things in iOS, your passwords are inside the Settings app. Open up Settings, and then open the “Passwords & Accounts” section. Next, tap “Website & App Passwords.” After authenticating using either Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, you will see a list of saved official passwords.

Sorry, they aren’t. Brave saves them to a “proprietary database” within the app. This was mentioned in an article a year ago, that there was an update pending but several comments stating it hadn’t shown up in the update when it was released.

If you create an account in Brave, tell it to save the user/pass, then search for it, there’s no record in your keychain or the accounts menu in Settings.

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