Purchased USDC on Solona, but never received tokens

I made a purchase of USDC from my bank debit card, The transaction completed both with Ramp and My bank. But the tokens never arrived in my brave wallet.

I verified that Ramp that all account numbers are correct, but never received them.

I sent an email to Ramp, but they have not responded to the issue.

I suppose I’m going to have to go to my bank and dispute the purchase. I’ll probably not use this platform again, unless this gets resolved.

Umm I guess if you posted this after just a few minutes or something, then wait for a few hours I guess, sometimes it is processed pretty slowly.

@Aman_M @rodrige Any suggestions ?

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Can you confirm USDC has been checked as a visible asset? You can do so here:




Purchase was made Friday.

@theplummer Please answer @Evan123 . If you haven’t checked USDC as visible assets then that explains…

I have checked my brave wallet and I clicked on the link provided here, Yes there are zero assets in my brave wallet. The link provided just took me to my wallet. How would I know if it was or wasn’t in my wallet, if I hadn’t looked at it?

Please look for the Visible Assets button at the bottom of the page. You will be able to check USDC on Solana Mainnet Beta and then it should appear.


Solana is checked on the visible assets drop down screen.

Do you see this specific one checked? You may have to search ‘USDC’ to see it appear.


Please note, this is different from the Solana token checked.

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seems there are often issues like this. might be worth the effort to make any asset purchased automatically set to visible on the appropriate chain.


THANK YOU!!! that fixed it.

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Yes, it would be nice. Good suggestion.
Scanning “this” wallet address in the supported networks, and then adding any contract that is in there.
And keeping an option for the user to hide certain tokens if desired. With so many scammy airdrops, it would be nice to be able to hide those.


Now that I can see my USDC, I have a further question.

I’m a newbie here and made a small purchase of USDC accidentally on the Solana network, didn’t see that I needed to switch the buy tab to ETH network. Is there a way now to make a swap from Solana to ETH? I tried to use uniswap, but it doesn’t appear that Solana is supported there, and can’t seem to do it with the brave wallet app either.

You would need to trust/use a bridge to move your tokens from Solana to Ethereum.

Apologies for my ignorance. I don’t know what to trust/use a bridge means.

Is there a tutorial I could watch/read to learn about this?

Thanks in advance.

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Here one of the bridges that supports moving tokens from Solana to Ethereum.

Bridging assets carries risk, so please do your own due diligence before using bridges.

Here is an overview of how Wormhole works: https://docs.wormhole.com/wormhole/

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did it actually work?

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