QR Code & track hits for a Brave webpage

I see you have added the ability to create a QR code for a Brave webpage but I don’t see the ability to be able to track the hits the QR code generates to that particular page? I sell real estate & like to know if I put a QR code on a flyer in an info box in the front yard of a home is it working or in other places I advertise. I had used google QR codes but want to get away from google!!! Thanks for your feedback!

Good question. I would like to know that as well. I know there are “Dynamic QR Code” generators that allow for tracking of ads, but they are not free and I don’t know if Brave even offers Dynamic QR coding. I assume the Brave QR codes are “static” , i.e. permanent. However, I can’t find the answer to that anywhere on Brave/GitHub. However, I found a website that explains QR codes in great detail at https://www.qrcode-tiger.com/best-qr-code-generator. I am not affiliated with that site. And, other that gleaning information about this topic, I have not used them yet.