Uphold already verified but rewards never received (SOLVED!)

l’ve already checked with Uphold support and they said my account is fully verified . So the problem is with Brave. I’ve already disconnected and reconnected my account, but it didn’t work.

It’s been more than 9 months since I’ve had this accumulated balance and a verified Uphold account. I’ve never received anything!

I’ve already sent e-mails to Brave support and got no response. As a promoter of the Brave, I feel like an idiot.

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Please, I need help. Is there no one willing to help me?!

Help please! I’m still waiting =/

It seems to be a fraud. No one helps me, no support from the team, I’ve made everything right. It’s so frustrating!

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@asad @steeven please help

Hi @Guitar,

I’m very sorry for your troubles here, thank you for your patience. Can you PM your publishers email and I’ll take a look.

Thank you!

Guys, thank you very much, I received the payment yesterday =)
I don’t know if you did something to make this happen, but anyway thank you very much! I think it was finally solved!
Best regards

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