Uphold Wallet Device Unlink

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I have a question. I have one verified Uphold wallet. And am linked one PC and 3 Android mobiles to this uphold wallet. And now I want to unlink 2 mobiles with that particular uphold wallet because currently am not using that particular Android phone and I want to link another two mobiles to same uphold. Can it possible. If it possible guide me.

Thanks in advance :blush:

No problem. Here is a link with the form and screenshots to help you fill it out correctly. You an currently remove 1 device per request. Also, they are working on removing the device limits completely, and it may happen this month.

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Go to uphold > integrations > Unlink your rewards wallet manually using the delete button (upper right corner)
Screenshot 2022-05-15 at 7.28.02 AM

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