Need to remove old linked devices

I have been using Brave Rewards since it started and have linked my uphold wallet on multiple devices, but now I have an old phone that I am getting rid of and I had just finally reached that 25 BAT minimum to link my wallet but I can’t link it and from what I’ve seen in this community it’s due to having my wallet already linked to too many devices. the problem is, I don’t have access to these devices any longer. 1 was an old work PC and I don’t work there any longer, and the others are various older OS installs that have since been wiped.

I really wish it was more clearly explained that there is a limit to how many devices can be linked, and also a much easier way for me to unlink old devices on my own.

how can I get them all removed so that my current laptop is the only linked device which will then allow me to link my old phone and claim the BAT that is sitting there, and then unlink that phone and link my new phone?


I already know about this:

but it requires me to have the wallet IDs of the wallets I want to remove and I can’t access that information any longer.

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you can use this to remove 1 device only currently. Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches Eventually they will have a better way to get rid of these limits but that is in the works and no known timeframe on when we can expect it

I need to know the Wallet ID I want to remove tho…I can’t access that any longer.

I saw your edit, however, due to that way it works, any uphold IDs you do not supply, hence the ones you have no access to, are the ones that will be deleted . they will choose one random one from the list.

It is actually fortunately, the other way around. Any IDs you supply are the ones you wish to keep. the ones you do not know will be the ones deleted

so…if i fill out the form and include the wallet ID for my laptop (that I want to keep) then the laptop remains and they delete 1 of the other linked wallets?

Yes that is correct. Be sure to include any other devices you wish to keep as well. Otherwise if your laptop is the only one you want to keep, then only list that one only. They will randomly choose some other ID (not the laptop) to delete

thats good to know. thanks for that info. 1 more question, how many times can I do this? If I fill it out 1 time that frees up 1 slot so I can add that old phone and claim my BAT from there, but then I’d want to clear out another so that I have room to add my current phone. that’s all I really need is for my laptop and my phone to be linked, but I also need to claim the 25+BAT that’s sitting unclaimed in my old phone 1st.

if they hadn’t imposed that 25 BAT minimum to link to an already existing uphold wallet then I would have been able to link it way back at the start and never run unto this issue. I still can’t figure out why the 25 BAT minimum applied to existing uphold wallets, that should have only been for new wallets.

As far as i know this may be a 1 time only ordeal. However, this is only my speculation, have not heard of anyone else reporting they have successfully done it twice. In addition to the 25 bat minimum that is only if you make a new account through the phone and this number has been reduced to 15 BAT. If you made an account on PC there is aboslutely no minimum needed.

Actually you are right, you just connect to your wallet from PC and it will be unlocked, there is no minimum,I can withdraw Bat smoothly every time

Actually it’s not what you said, it’s there is no minimum extraction limit you can extract even if you are only $0.01Bat

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