Uphold wallet Connect and payout

Hello @steeven Thank you for your efforts. But it can’t be that the connection to my Uphold wallet is broken every time by itself and I have to manually re-establish the connection every day. The problem should be solved quickly by you, otherwise I fear that I will not receive my BAT on my uphold wallet again this month, which I have been waiting for for 7 months. Please help me to finally get my Bat paid out after 7 months! ok?

Please see Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.

Hello @steeven . I followed the instructions and the problem still exists after the update and despite a new connection from brave creator account to my uphold wallet. The connection still disconnects after a day on its own to my uphold wallet. This has been going on for over 7 months and I still haven’t received my bat rewards. Please log in to my creator account and solve the problem of the bat transfer through your manual admin authority. I really don’t know what to do. I am already writing to you for help. Please do it for me once and for all and trigger my bat transfer as an admin so that I finally receive my bat reward.

Many greetings

Hi @Hakan - your issue is for referrals? I thought that it was for ads. The referral program has ended and final payments have been made.

What’s the email linked to your Creator account?

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You know it best that I have had the problem with the bat payout from my creator account for over 6 - 7 months. Have mentioned it in so many posts in word and many screenshot
clearly mentioned several times over months that this is always exclusively my creator account and bat payout problem. Please log in to my creator account and trigger the bat payout which I am still waiting for since August 2020.

Hi @steeven . Did you read my explanation above ? I have had over 6 months in every post mentioned that this has always been just my creator account and the bat payout problems for it.
why I have explained here the brave support every time and in over 10 posts of me clearly. It really can’t be that I won’t receive my 198 Bat credits from my creator account. I have therefore reported this problem here to you as brave support.
as a precaution and in good time over 6 months to transfer my creator account credit of 198 bat to my uphold wallet. Please make up for it and let my 6 months of support help requests to you go down fruitlessly to my detriment. Please solve this problem once and for all. Please do it. Thank you steeven.

Best regards

How to make updates when we have 1.12.71 version?

Hi @shotiko07, your issue seems different from the OP’s. Could you make a new topic with more details of your problem? Someone will be able to assist you faster :slight_smile:

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What do you not understand? I have the same problem as anyone else!! NO REWARD CLAIMED!!!

@shotiko07, you’ve posted one topic to this community, two hours ago…

…with no details, just an outburst, since we’re not mincing words.

You then drop a post here in another user’s topic (and where a dialogue’s been established with Support), with another undetailed and cryptic post:

I did not see til now you had created a topic; regardless, I try to assist you and this is your response? …

Hi @Hakan, I’ll review what you’ve sent.

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Thank you for support and help

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