BAT still not transferred to my Uphold wallet

A few days ago it said that the BAT was transferred to Uphold, but when I go to my Uphold wallet nothing is there and there’s no record of a transfer in the last 2 months. What happened?


It depends. Did you asking as creator for creator payout? Or as user for ads payout?

Feel free to provide more info.

It was as a user for the ads payout. I’m using the Brave browser and it’s for the ads that pop up each month.

I am in the same situation :confused:

Hi, me too. Do you know where i can chek my registration email? I think i wrong the email…

I’m a user who sees ads. Still nothing. What’s going on?

This one @givememybat :point_up:

Screenshots will be helpful too

Brave is telling me the BAT went to my Uphold wallet. My Uphold wallet disagrees. Images to explain the exact same thing I originally posted

see my reply above. images attached …

Feel free to provide a useful response :point_up:

Still nothing …

I am having the same issue plus my credits from ads are not showing.

I am having the same issue since last two months

Still nothing. Can anyone help or provide information?

Bump. It’s almost a month later and nothing

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