Your Uphold account is registered from a country that does not currently support connecting to Brave Rewards.(Türkiye))

I was a verified user before, but after formatting the computer, I cannot authenticate.I looked at supported and unsupported countries, and I couldn’t see Turkey in either group.
I would be glad if you help.

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That’s your answer. Turkey is not supported at this time. After reformatting, you likely didn’t do a backup and restore as you should have. So the new installation looks like a new device. New devices/browsers can’t link to Uphold or Gemini unless you are in a country on the “supported regions” list. That list is linked below.

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Yes, as of now, verification has been done with my Uphold account.

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Yeah, fortunately they added Turkey not long after I answered. I completely forgot about this or I would have come back to mention the change. Happy to hear you’ve got it linked now

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