Uphold refuses to give me an account

I would like to get my Brave rewards but Uphold is refusing to give me a account and I am wondering what I should do? I do have a Coinbase account if that helps at all.

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Currently Uphold is the only option, but Gemini should be available soon.

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Even a message ; doesn’t give?

What do you mean? I don’t understand your question.

They sent me a message. “We regret to inform you that we can no longer offer you an account. As a regulated Money Services Business, we’re required to perform ongoing risk and compliance reviews. Based on new information, we can no longer offer you an account. For further information about why we have to make those decisions, check our FAQ.”

Is there an ETA on Gemini?

So far I have not seen an ETA.

I had my wife try to setup an Uphold account and the same thing happened to her so I’m wondering if uphold is not servicing people in the US anymore or is going out of business. I would really like to get my Brave rewards.

In the U.S., Uphold, Gemini, etc. are required by law to “Know Your Customer” (aka KYC), so they require you to submit a government ID (driver’s license, etc.) when you open an account. If you refuse or are unable to provide it, they won’t open the account. Also, certain states (I think New York and Hawaii) forbid Uphold accounts.

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