Uphold refuses to create account

Can you help me with a problem I’m having with Uphold. I tried to set up an account and failed. I just tried to use the “Verify” link from Brave to verify my Uphold account and got a message saying they “couldn’t continue to offer me an account.”

How can I do anything with my BAT without an Uphold account? Can you either help me get my account accepted & verified or let me know if there’s any other way of using BAT without Uphold?

Are you in any of these countries by any chance:

Brave say they will add the option to link to a Gemini account within the next few months, so that might be an option

No, I’m the US. And also live in a state for which Uphold has a license.

Strange. Have you tried to go to the Uphold website direct and set up an account?

If Uphold refuse to play ball you might just have to hang on to your BAT until you can link with Gemini.

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