Uphold Wallet Needs Work

The Uphold wallet thing needs work. I don’t know if this is 100% Uphold’s fault or the way it ties to Brave Rewards, but when I tried verifying the wallet (about 5 times), it would always come up with an error stating “You must have 15 BAT to verify the Uphold Wallet”.

Then, out of the blue, I got an email from Uphold stating to click a link to complete my wallet. It seemed odd since it had given me an error every time I tried it from Brave Rewards, but I did it and it took me to their website where I completed the wallet, so I thought.

When I tried to transfer my BAT to the wallet, it would again come up with an error: “There was a problem verifying your wallet”. This continued to happen every time. Confused, I decided to login to the Uphold wallet and contact Support. I then received an email stating that my wallet was only “partially verified” and that I would need to submit photos of my driver’s license as well as a selfie. This is all well and good, but there should be something in the registration that hints to this.

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just get rid of the brave browser you have now and download the beta brave browser. they are not gonna fix any issues with this brave browser…i switched to beta and was able to verify my gemini wallet no problem and started getting ads again …even tho you may have bat owed to you just forget about it…i did…it’s been like 2 months now and they still have not addressed any problems with this browser …i totally stopped getting ads with this slow browser…oh and beta is faster than this one!!! Good luck!!!

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And you lose any BAT you have collected with the one you uninstall? That’s what I’ve read. I guess it doesn’t matter. I got only 0.25 BAT for September and October and I had more each month. I’ve read a lot of people got only 0.25 BAT as well, even though they had over 6. Something rotten is going on. I may just dump Brave completely. I make 12 times this much mining Bitcoin on this computer and I get every bit of what I mine.

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Well all i know is the beta browser im using now is doing great and gemini wallet connected and verified00 this is after just 2 days of light use

The earnings don’t mean anything because I always get only 0.25 BAT even if I had “earned” 1000.

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