UpHold Linking - Cannot connect my rewards account

Hey Bravers,

I’m struggling with the issue of not being able to connect my Brave Rewards thru UpHold, being the only option due to my location. I’ve done the SMS auth, followed by the e-mail address verification. By clicking the e-mail auth method, the Browser gets stuck on the confirmation page, tho I’ve had clicked the link in my mail.
Tried to verify by e-mail on the phone, same issue, by verifying thru my mail app on this same device, on Windows, a couple of times. It just redirects to my UpHold Account, but not passing that phase in which my Brave Rewards heads to the account link page.
Notice that I’ve even used the e-mail verification thru the brave browser also, by clicking the given link on the mail page with the same session while keeping the browser active, just different tabs, on my Windows device. In the best case it opens a new tab with my UpHold account.

Any thoughts and solutions?

Hello - Is this happening on Android for you?

The phone verification code comes on iOS, the second auth swecurity code comes from Tutamail to web browser. Tried to activate it straight from my iPhone, and on another three separate browsers including Brave, with no result, the UpHold account won’t link anyways.

It seems that after accessing the e-mail verification link sent via e-mail, the one after entering the code sent via sms, the accounts won’t sync, either browser or device I use, the page asking for resending a new e-mail verification remains still.

Still no solution or answer over this issue yet

i also have something similar issue where i am in united kingdom but when i try to connect to my uphold account it says it is not available in your region where united kingdom is clearly in supported region.

Your issue is completely different.

@CryptoGaijin As to yours, if you still have issues, it’s hard to know what to tell you. I mean, let me just verify I’m seeing things correctly.

  1. You go to Rewards and choose toimage

  2. You the click on image

  3. You go to sign in

  4. It sends email 2FA

  5. You click on the email 2FA in Brave, on the same exact profile you’re trying to connect to Uphold

  6. It goes to your Uphold account but nothing happens on the Rewards?

And in troubleshooting, you also tried to login to your Uphold account first and then go through the process above and it didn’t just automatically connect or anything?

Also, you’re on newest version of Windows and Brave? Or which version of each are you using?

Went through the same issue. I was able to verify both my email and my phone number via OTP and the uphold says cannot make a new account right now despite having verified everything, even my country. Can anybody explain why that is happening?