Do I need an Uphold account to be able to receive my BAT rewards?


I am not sure if this it the right place for this, but I’ve been searching around and couldn’t find anything to related to my question.

Is it necessary to have an Uphold account to receive the rewards?

Thank you!

@renacaceres did you asking as publisher? If yes, then the answer is yes. You need a verified Uphold account in order to receive your contribution. More Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts

I appreciate your help, but I am actually asking as a browser user only, no publisher or anything, only to collect rewards.

what about that?


Thanks for the confirmation @renacaceres.

Withdraw function is not implemented yet. But it’s coming. Once it’s available, yes, you need to do KYC to withdraw the BAT.

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thank you for the information, @eljuno!

So the uphold wallet will work with BAT withdraw soon for browsers?

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