Uphold disconnected Brave rewards

When I click on my Brave Rewards it says its disconnected, so I authorize, it asks for my 2FA code. Which I enter.
It then sends an email with an authorization link, which I click in my email.

It then opens my uphold wallet, on the uphold site, but I still see disconnected in brave rewards button , ive tried to disable Brave Shield but same issue occurs Im still disconnected , dont know what more I can try, please advice , thanks for your help.

Here is some info
brave://rewards-internals = External wallet info
Wallet status: Disconnected (Verified)

brave://version = |Brave|1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)
|OS|Windows 10 OS Version 2009 (Build 19043.1052)|

brave://rewards/ = https://gyazo.com/228e9fea86de24071a6351b35ddd3481 screen shot of it.

Kind regards

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I don’t understand this platform’s restrictions to the uphold wallet. If I’m watching ads and I accumulate BAT, then I should be able to move my BAT wherever I want (there are many options). I believe that this issue will bring the SEC down on the Brave community and I have taken a picture of my rewards page and the uphold page that I’m forced into, when I try to withdraw my BAT. I don’t want to file a complaint with the government but I’m NOT signing up for uphold and I believe that I should have access to my BAT to freely move.
so, this community has a month or so to make it right …

There has to be some kind of solution I cant be the only one with this issue ive not recived any bat rewards for over a month cause im in disconnected mode, still looking for help, thank you,

@Psycodelic I ran into the same issue, both on my Android Phone and my Macbook. Took me coulple of hours to figure it out.

Ironically, what finally solved it is to turn off ‘Brave Shields’ for the uphold site. Once you lower the shield, you no longer get caught in the loop of having to re-authorize, 2FA, email authorization link etc.

Think Brave should re-asses the impact of the shield on the uphold website and wallet verification process, especially since they have made this the mandatory set-up like @freegold pointed out.

“Complain with the Government” Lmao

If you don’t like it then don’t accumulate it :confused:
If you are here just for the money then I can say its a bad way of making money. And BTW they are adding Gemini so be patient -_-

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Same here… last change, if not fixed goodbye BRAVE !!
Back to firefox !
Do not forget …you owe me 10.433 BAT !!!

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