Uphold wallet disconnected from brave rewards

My uphold wallet disconnected from the brave rewards. And also not able to login to my uphold wallet using pc and phone.

Were 4 devices connected with uphold?? Max limit is 4 devices.
If so, you can request to unlink your device

I was connected only 3 accounts only. Now i cant able to login using pc and phone.

Photos/screenshots will be useful as where you are stuck as 1 line response is not enough to understand the situation. Just exclude all personal information.

Sure. I’m attaching the screenshots below.

It shows disconnected on the first image
2nd one is loading for the last 15 mins

It is out of my expertise. Official brave team might be able to help.

You know how to contact them?

@Mattches @steeven . Contacted them for you.

Can you try logging into Uphold.com, opening the Shields panel in the address bar and changing the cookies setting to All cookies allowed, then try reconnecting your wallet?

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Now its fixed. I reset my network settings as per their guidance…

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Very glad to hear it.

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