Uphold closing accounts without any real reason


My account was in verification process and now suddenly closed. I just got an email saying:

"We’re sorry to tell you that after further review we can no longer offer you an account. We’re a regulated business and sometimes have to make difficult decisions. Thanks for your understanding.”

what? and?

I cannot even understand why, because I am not in any criminal record, not have any financial issues and my documents are totally legal. So, what’s the problem? How you pretend to have clients and people using Brave when Uphold is just kick out without any real reason?

Uphold decisions are just pushing people away from using Brave. It would be nice you to integrate another wallet platform.


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When you go to the Brave browser dashboard, you have the option of integrating new maps. Gemini is one of them. A good alternative if uphold doesn’t want you. You can of course also do this directly at https://exchange.gemini.com/.

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