Uphold close my account without any reason

Original post from Uphold:

“Having considered your appeal, we regret to inform you that your account remains closed. Please be aware that any new accounts you create may also be closed.”

Hello, my account was many weeks “under review” , after my question I get the upper answer. I wanna add, that I use Uphold ONLY for Brave rewards. I find this way of dealing with customers impossible. All of my rewards are on Uphold and they don’t offer me any way to get it out.

I recommend that you reconsider your business relationship with Uphold.

Is there any other way to climb my Brave rewards in the future without using Uphold?

Can you help me in my current situation with Uphold?

Best regards

You can try Gemini if it is available in your region. Gemini is the only other wallet custodian available besides Uphold.

Thanks I will try it :slight_smile:

You are right, Gemini has not launched in my region. But it is a light at the end of the tunnel. I disconnected Uphold from my account and will be patient.

It seems Gemini is not avaialable in many countries from what I hear from other people who have Uphold and try to switch… But yes it will take time but eventually there will be future wallet custodians. It really does not make sense it won’t one day, however, it is not easy task and probably takes a lot of testing and legalities to get under way. Your only option unfortunately is to wait it out. I would say try to keep fighting to see how you can get your account unbanned because keeping a mass amount of BAT stored on your local wallet can be very dangerous. Since if your computer crashes, needs a reformat gets lost etc. All that hard work is gone.

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