Upgrading the App no longer can access Brave browser

So this is embarrassing. I had to use Safari to confirm my Brave login as the Brave browser fails to work. It won’t let me delete my History and every attempt at deleting and re-insinstalling fails. It all started to go wrong when being invited to download an upgrade , the aim seemed to be to make me accept the Premium version and your VPN. I have a VPN and didn’t want to go Premium. So after that all I get is the little grey file with a forlorn look but no browser access. Not very user friendly!

Sorry — to confirm, you’re unable to uninstall the browser from your system? What happens when you try to uninstall exactly?

Also is this macOS or iOS?

Hi there,
No I can uninstall and reinstall. But nothing works. I can’t clear my History and I can’t connect online at all, as all I get is a host of folders with the sad faces on them. Its macOS - Sonoma

Apologies but I’m confused.
If you’re not able to go to any websites then there shouldn’t be any history to clear? Seems to me like the primary concern is that you’re not actually able to browse.

To confirm the behavior, after you download and install the browser, Brave does launch, but you’re not able to visit any website, is that correct? Can you please share a screenshot of what you see when you try to?

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