Updating to 1.35.104 breaks all PWAs

Thank you all for the reports. If you have crashes in brave://crashes/ that could be submitted, it would be greatly appreciated. Once you click “send” next to a crash entry, restarting the browser will cause it to send even faster. Once sent, a new Upload ID will be generated; please share the IDs of 2 or 3 correlated crashes. We’ll investigate ASAP!

Hi @sampson

I’ve uploaded some of the crash reports, which gave me the following ID’s:

Uploaded crash report ID: b9e30000-4796-cc07-0000-000000000000
Upload time: Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 19:11:07
Uploaded crash report ID: e0e40000-4796-cc07-0000-000000000000
Upload time: Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 19:19:00

Nothing appears in brave://crashes for me when this happens. Not when installing. Not when launching.

I have completely removed Brave and installed fresh and the issue still happens.

Thank you for the Crash IDs, @dennise. I have shared those with the team, and expect to have some insights to share very soon.


Is anybody here able to check if this same behavior is observed with PWAs installed from Chrome? Confirmation either way would be much appreciated. cc @craigmdennis @dennise

Tried to create a shortcut with the option “Open as window” in Chrome and it works as expected - zero crashes. Not sure if this “extension window” is the same as a PWA.

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Thanks! Which version of Chrome did you test, @dennise?

@sampson Tested on Version 98.0.4758.109 (Official Build) (arm64)
If you need more information about the version (chrome://version) let me know.

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This is perfect, thank you. Could you also try installing a PWA to see if that also works without issue in Chrome? @craigmdennis shared a few in the initial post at the top.

@sampson thanks, I Installed Twitter for example. When opening, it shows the dock icon and instantly freezes. Trying to force quit doesn’t work and after a few minutes of trying to quit the app, it quits. <= this same behaviour is with extensions - not killing the process.

Even restarting the mac doesn’t work because of the frozen app.

Edit: I didn’t get any crash reports about PWA’s

@dennise, are you referring to Chrome here?

We’re making progress on our end; about to update https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/21302 with some additional information. Thank you all again for your help in tracking down this buggy behavior.


@sampson no still Brave, in Chrome everything works (Extensions, PWA’s).

With PWA’s and Extensions I got exactly the same behaviour as in the screencast of @craigmdennis

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@sampson thanks for the quick support. Hope this issue is fixed soon.

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Just dropping this here — seems like the same issue/fix

I am able to run PWAs in Chrome 98.0.4758.109 but not in Brave 1.35.104. I have also submitted my logs in case that will help.

Seeing this too. I see the GH issue just merged, Is there something like the Chrome Canary release channel that I can switch to to get the fix sooner?

when will this issue fix? I guess that many people actively use PWA applications.

It looks like version 1.36.108 has restored the PWA functionality. I’ve downloaded and installed it manually and have successfully restored all my PWA apps.