Updating Brave app icon with white background


Based on research of the top 100 iOS icons, 26% have a white background with only a fraction with black or grey backgrounds. White backgrounds are generally more friendly and easier on the eyes. I believe small details can go a long ways if the goal is to eventually reach critical mass. Hope these suggestions help! Cheers, Ivan

Adaptative icon for Android 8.0 Oreo

Nice suggestion :thumbsup:. cc @brad @joel


Indeed great suggestion :+1:


I also agree, android has borders and this reminds me of the one around Brave.


We also have the option to allow the user to decide what icon they want. Can also make it dependent on the internal theme (e.g. Private Mode only -> dark icon, Normal Mode -> light icon).


Yeah that sounds good :slight_smile:


good idea. almost all the ios icons have a white background. just the brave browser has that dark theme . i really think they should change it to white.


Trust this gets implemented soon! Easy tweak.


Still waiting for a white background Brave logo…


Just so you all know, the next version of Brave (v1.6) will have a new logo with a white background :+1:


I just downloaded version 1.6 of the app for iOS. While the white background icon looks clean and great on a lot of devices, I think it would be nice to have the option to choose light or dark, but I don’t know if it is possible for iOS app developers to build in this configuration preference.


V1.6 is awesome! Dig the UI improvements. Much cleaner and space optimized. Thank you :smiley: