Unwanted Pop Ups

Same here. I don’t mind Brave ads – only these new popups that stay in front until you make them go away. Irritating users is a very bad business decision.



There is nothing to look into and nothing is wrong. The ads in the image you just shared are Brave’s new custom ad notifications. They are displaying and behaving (for you and everyone else) exactly the way they should.

One explanation here is that if you’re on Windows, due to Brave Ads leveraging system notifications, some users had ads hidden in the Windows notification center/panel and would never actually have to see the push notification appear on-screen. Other than that, if you have been receiving BAT without actually being served ads at all (hidden or otherwise) then that would be the bug that we need to investigate.

The change in the way ads are displayed was made on our end, not the user’s end. So once again, if you had Ads enabled and weren’t seeing them, they were very likely being “hidden” by the system due to system notifications settings (likely unintentionally). This would explain why you were earning BAT but never seeing ads. However, now that we’ve moved away from system notifications, Ads are appearing – as always intended – as pop-up notifications you’re reporting now.

The majority of users have been seeing the system pop-up notifications from the start, which is why I shared the document above where it shows how ads should appear when configured correctly. Taken from that article:

So while this may appear “new” to you, the most users have been seeing similar pop-ups since Brave Ads was first released. The only difference is that now:

  • Ads are displayed via the browser, not the system
  • Ads can be positioned anywhere on the screen (position is remembered)
  • We are able to add additional settings/customization to the ads since we now control the behavior and don’t leverage OS notifications
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The custom ad notifications will dismiss themselves after 2m I believe – we are working on adjusting that number – among many other aspects of the feature – for future releases.

I was under the impression that Brave removed ads from places like Facebook, and replaced them with their own. From what you say, I gather that’s not the case.

Personally, I don’t care about earning a reward from viewing ads. I’d rather donate that to Brave. In fact, I plan to donate to Brave the same way I do each year to Wikipedia. If a community minded technology exists for my benefit (as opposed to the primary benefit being to make money for some corporation) – then I’m going to support it, financially

So, it sounds like I need to turn off my Brave ads and just donate directly. That’s what I’ll do.


Been using Brave for quite a while now on all my computers. This just started for me after the last update. It’s very intrusive. It’s a bit embarrassing to have a popup keep happening during a presentation. I will turn it all off until another update fixes it.



Same here. I sent Brave an email about this to let them know that I would be uninstalling it if they would not provide an option to stop their pop ups. Their reply said “Just turn off Rewards”. But the rewards are the only reason I’m using the browser. So, I’m uninstalling.


Yeah, this is some terrible support to customer relation.

New update causes Brave controlled ads to appear over top of any application on the main monitor. Customer complains about this new update, and Brave support says to simply ‘turn it off in settings’. Ads before the last update would be within the search engine (DDG) from my experience. Now, with the ads taking priority of the top window, Im using any other fullscreen application and an advertisement becomes an eyesore.

Change it back and be more understanding of the affect it has on the users.


yep, I had those since I started using brave like 1 year ago. never been different for me.

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The ad within the main image was fine and I clicked them. But these pop ups are intolerable. Bye Brave!


idk what you are talking about. The way you think is bad is what it always was for me. And probably the intended way.
To point something out, BAT = Basic ATTENTION Token. How would you have any attention when you have em hidden in the notification panel.

Advertisers are buying the ad space. Thats where BATs money value comes from. if you were an advertiser, would you buy ad space that is hidden and never get seen?
It is not logical.


lol. as I said before. the pop ups were always a thing. Just because you did not see them due to settings does not mean it was a change.
I always had them for more than a year now.

If the popups annoy you when playing games etc, put on focus assist. And set it up properly.

I do not not get brave ads at all when for example playing a game or use fullscreen apps.

And sorry, that you have to do a little amount of work to get free money every month.


If they were always there, then why are so many users, including myself, telling you that they only began appearing two days ago?


Well, in my case. I always had them. Nothing has changed for me at all regarding ad popups. And I mostly also only get them while I use brave actively or have the brave window focused(while watching youtube etc.

Its literally 1 second to see the ad, and click on close if you are not interested in the ad.

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well yea, because your OS hid them from you. If you dont see ad, you should not have gotten any BAT for em.
Now they fixed it. So now everyone sees the ads the way it was intended and probably the vast majority had before this.

Constant ads are good. I wish I had em constant. I have 10 ads per hour set. But it happens extremely rarely that I get 10.
I gladly take all your ad pop ups. will you give them to me?

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Sorry to hear that. I know, clicking on something to get money can be pretty rough. Good luck!

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Pop-ups came and Brave stopped blocking certain ads as well. This might kill the browser.


Look bud, I left my notification settings on like a good boy and saw my Push Notification Brave Ads as intended.

Now I, a loyal Brave supporter and practically a shill who has installed Brave on every single device my fingers have caressed whether it belonged to me or not, I’m being punished because of a few bad apples with popup ads that are far more tedious to dismiss than the old ones.

If I can’t change it back to push notifications within a month, I WILL find a way to entirely block them and keep receiving BAT, and the community will too. Stop pulling a Nintendo and trying to “fix” a “problem” that isn’t actually a problem or we’re all just going to emulate your games instead.

Users first. The way Brave was until now. Figure it out.


Well, that’s messed up as there’s no way this image
floating around is better than a system notification like this

That’s a really, REALLY bad way to implement it.

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Same here !!! What is happening here ??? FORCED AD POOP UP TAB???

Id love to see my ads only in interrupted way. In Windows 10 Notification panel only. I always make sure i click on all ads and open them if i want to - usually - yes i open them all constantly.

But definitely id like to see the not forced choice/ option like it was before.
Not like new one poop up ads where i usually click on new Tab to open bookmarks as i have hidden bookmarks to show me more screen on my 15" Laptop. ;//

Id like to have options like before.
As same on Android i like new feature with verified my PC account and synchronized it with wallet.
But Poop ups in New tab panel on Windows 10 are bit too much GUYS !!! especially for someone who is opening new tab to open bookmarks :(:frowning:

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@Mattches You don`t understand the narration of this topic by reading the main issue. Its all about this new Poop Up New tab AD notification.

By explaining it to those people who have this issue you are avoiding the solution or answer.

If i can be as English as clear to you and in the narration of the Topic - issue.

The problem is that new tab notification in Windows 10 is replaced Forcefully by Brave Ads.
This is in my opinion completely disrupting any activity on the Browser itself - especially if someone is using 15" Laptop and wants to have as used to be on Brave

  1. Open New Tab to open hidden bookmarks - useful feature with i used to after switching from Chrome.

  2. Option of gaining rewards by clicking on ads

    • either if you have Windows Notification Pop UP or Windows Notification Task Bar

So i don’t understand why is this Forcefully implemented as this is disrupting any activity.

Ads should be gained by clik in my opinion if they have to be forefully implemented in New Tab.

Or like it was before.

This is now seriously Guys getting out of the control like all Corporations.

You`ve been doing good work since now when starting Forcefully implementing new things and regulations.

Please pass this email to someone who is responsible for it or may do any changes with this issue please

With Regards Rober

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