Unwanted Pop Ups

sharing same feelings !!!

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@Mattches @robchio86

I always thought THESE where the ADS:
(the cool looking picture ads for wallets and such)

Now it’s fucking forced annoying popups?
I get it, it “always” have been popups which windows 10 could block and now you figured out how to unblock them. Good for you, not for us (THE LOYAL USERS)

As you can see from this thread Brave better choose to keep displaying popup ads or keep the users and the community. You literally going to lose 90% of windows users or stop them for viewing ads. We came to brave for getting rewards for PICTURE ADS as shown above NOT popup ads.


Seeing this, the top image, I have never seen. Only the ones with the “close” button.

Now that changes things. I see why this could be annoying.

As of yet, I still have to receive this type of pop up (without the close button).

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Its complete Forced Joke what to Expect from Globalistc developing software as probably that`s their new recent updated path. They have forgotten about all users who have chosen this Browser over others with a reasons !!!

??? what you talking about :frowning:

aaaand Rewards Disabled.

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Brave’s new custom ad notifications is a pain. I have not had pop-up windows with Brave until now. They are disruptive. For me, I have found the only way I can stop them is: image


Yea, IDK what the hell brave was thinking, but I’m uninstalling if this isn’t fixed in the next few days… any software that forces anything on me is dead.

I’ve turned off the stoopid ads and their pop-ups are still coming through.

For the record, I don’t give a F about BAT token or your ads… I downloaded Brave because I thought it was a privacy browser…

have you heard of ligma?

how about sugma?

because this is not how it’s always been… I’m about to uninstall this garbage if this isn’t fixed

Yea same here…

I disabled ads and the pop-ups are still coming through…

sad that brave implemented this I really like the browser before


Thank you all for the feedback.