Unwanted ".com" autofill in address line

I’ve tried to find something about this problem various times but can’t find mention of it or a solution anywhere. When I type a word into the Brave address line wanting to search on it, “.com” is often added to the word and it looks for the website, which may or may not exist but in any event I don’t want it. I’ve just now turned off “Save and fill addresses”, but I’m not sure this will stop the problem and in any event I don’t want to stop all autofill, just the annoying addition of '.com" (which gives me unheard-of sites that I’ve never visited) in the address line. Any help or info on this appreciated, thanks.

@GreatRoyzito When you post to ask for help, it can be vital to share what OS and version of Brave you’re using. Suggestions will vary based on whether you’re using Desktop, Android, or iOS as an example.

That said, it’s hard to know specifically which trigger you have causing it. For example, on Desktop you have Autocomplete searches and URLs which is located at brave://settings/privacy that might be the cause.

Or it could be based on options you have selected under Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar such as Top Sites or Browsing History which you would find located at brave://settings/appearance

My assumption is the first one might be enabled and is resulting in what you’re seeing. But you’d have to toy with it. On older versions of Brave, there was a Suggested Sites part under the Autocomplete suggestions which I would have told you to disable, but I don’t see that in the menu now when I went to look for it. I’m guessing Brave finally got rid of it?

@Saoiray Thanks, and sorry I didn’t provide OS and Brave versions. I’m generally aware of this and generally do include such info, but didn’t think of it this time maybe since I figured that if it was a known problem there would likely be a known solution, whatever the versions. And I think Autocomplete searches and URLs may likely be it. […] But no, that’s turned off. This is 1.49.120 on Ventura 13.2.1. So it looks more like Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar. I was thinking of turning off just “Top sites” since I don’t necessarily want all address-line autofill disabled, but I wound up turning off the address-bar autocompletion altogether and we’ll see how that goes (though I’m already sure I’ll miss it in certain cases in which I’m used to getting a desired auto-complete). The pell-mell “.com” adding seems dubious in any case, and it seems odd that the autofill options are spread out among Autofill, Privacy, and Appearance.

Well, I also wonder if it might be saved based on History. Such as if had accidentally typed it or visited before. Though it may be annoying in making you log in to various sites again, perhaps try clearing Browsing History and/or Cookies and other site data to see if it has an impact. If so, then might be the only solution needed.

Without remembering specific examples, I can assure you that I’ve never visited, either deliberately or accidentally, at least the vast majority of these unwanted sites. But thanks anyway, and I’ll keep your proposal in mind though I’m not immediately enthused about clearing my browsing history or cookies on this account.

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