Still "INDIA" is in unsupported Region . Why?

India still is in unsupported region. You guys are doing nothing since many months, If it is not possible for you then please make an announcement that- We do not support INDIA, and can’t serve from now, that’s it.
Looks like you guys are taking our exams …

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Correct, not supported to be linked to by Uphold or Gemini. This is not Brave’s decision. Mostly this is between the businesses, where they told Brave connections couldn’t be made for a variety of reasons. Now you’re also seeing such as where Uphold is no longer allowing new accounts for India on their site, with India listed at

Many exchanges have announced India is not viable because of local laws and taxes. You should know your country has talked many times of making crypto illegal. Then they started looking at making national crypto currency, but still want everything else to be heavily regulated. This is what’s causing you problems.

They have always said this. They said it’s not possible at this time but they are working hard to getting the ability to link to a custodial account again as soon as possible. Obviously they can’t force governments or other businesses to do things against their will. And Brave itself can’t pay directly as KYC/AML are required and special licenses required to pay directly. So until they get a partner, you’re out of luck.

Not true. Just because you can’t see them talking to everyone doesn’t mean nothing has been done. For the past few months there have been a lot of negotiations and discussions, not only with Uphold and Gemini, but with other countries too. For example, the CEO Brendan Eich, recently announced:

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