Why is India still not included in the region supported for Uphold?


I want to ask why is India still not in the “region supported” by Uphold?

What exactly is the issue? What difficulties is Brave or Uphold facing?

I am pretty sure that no new government orders or deadline(s) for the laws/rules/regulations came into effect after I had started using Uphold for wallet (I had received 15 BATS in the Uphold account).

If Uphold is not able to support the India region, can’t you just search for another 3rd party? Like you did in Japan’s case (bitFlyer)?

If you aren’t able to support the India region, just say that it won’t be possible in short term, but, maybe after 5-10 years! Be clear!! @admins @Community-User

Don’t you know they’re working to get India back by the end of the year. No guarantees but yea they’re trying to do it ASAP. Also it’s because of scams/frauds that the region has.

There’s a lot of agreements to be done from both sides. A lot of things need to be met from both sides. Also, Brave is always looking to expand the Custodian list. So if you want any particular ones, you need to write to them.

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