Unsupported country (Serbia) with a working Uphold account

Hello, I am from Serbia.
I used Brave for a few years now and at one point, I created an account on Uphold. At that time, Serbia was a supported country.

In the meantime, it stopped being supported.
I received my monthly BAT rewards before and after this change and I am wondering whether these new changes to Brave Rewards will affect future BAT rewards? \

Also, is there any information when will Serbia be returned to the list of supported countries?

Thanks in advance

Yes. If you aren’t connected to a custodial partner ( Uphold / Gemini) you simply can’t earn BATs. You will get ads and the proceeds will be distributed among verified creators.

If honest, no. There’s a list on which Brave is working to get supported next. don’t know if Serbia is one.
Any way updates about regions is covered at

Thank you very much.

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