Country unsupported by Gemini or Uphold - What to do?

So what do we do?

I am from serbia, my country is not on the supported list of Gemini nor Uphold.
I have a lot of BAT stuck.

Is it just gone or what?

Can we donate to a content creator with unverified wallet? (She is also from Serbia)

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Basically out of luck. Nothing you can do till support is restored. Just in case you were connected to Gemini before this region unsupported issue started altogether then

It’ll expire in April. If till then region is supported by Uphold / Gemini or a new Custodian then you will be able to connect and get BATs there. vBAT has been abandoned in 1.48.X versions

No, unverified creators won’t get the BATs. The system will keep trying for 90 days but if it doesn’t become verified then they come back to you, apparently.

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